High Quality Asphalt Road Cutting Machine
1.Ergonomically Designed
2.Low storage cost
3.High cost performance
Application Of Asphalt Road Cutting Machine:
Ideal for cutting concrete,stone,asphalt...
Optional Spare Parts Of Asphalt Road Cutting Machine:
1.Double water pipe---better cooling both side of blade
2.Rustless /ABS water tank---providing an optimum flow and volume of water for the blade
3.Super-rigid box frame---ensuring straight aunts while resisting warping and vibration
4.Hinged front,lift-up blade guard---to conveniently replace the diamond blade
5.Adjustable height handle---to easily raise or lower cutting depth
Advantage Of Asphalt Road Cutting Machine:
High -quality Products,Most Economical Price
Technical Specification Of Asphalt Road Cutting Machine:
Disc Diameter300mm,350mm ,400mm,450mm,500mm
DrivingManual Push
Depth AdjustmentHandle Rotation
Max Cutting Depth10-192mm
Water Tank Capacity20L,40L,
Packing Size1050*530*910mm,1130*530*970mm
Optional engine:Robin EY28(5.9KW/7.5hp),Honda GX270(6.6kw/9hp),Chinese Honda GX270(6.6kw/9hp),Diesel Engine 186F

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